Underground Cable/ Pipe Locating

We'll locate and mark all cables or pipes, before digging or breaking the surface to insure the job is done safely. 

Thermal Imaging

We'll find problems before they cause injury, lost time or lost money. We can pin point hot spots and fix problems during scheduled times to reduce down time and keep cost to a minimum.

Fiber and Copper Network Testing

We certify all our copper and fiber terminations with our cable analyzer.

Earth Ground Testing

We are the electric company to make sure you equipment is properly grounded, let us test your earth grounds.

Circuit Mapping(Tracing)

We can update your panel schedules and labeling with our circuit mapping system, saving you lost time and money.

Megger Insulation Resistance Testing

Megger testing is performed to detect insulation punctures. It will show the amount of moisture, the leakage current on the moist or dirty areas of the insulation, and winding faults and deterioration.